American Airlines, et al: No humor – no social


Poor American Airlines, they had a PR fiasco due to kicking Alec Baldwin off a flight. We get it, FAA regulations are no laughing matter, and your staff was apparently just doing their jobs. But did posting a rebuttal on Facebook actually help the situation? Alec Baldwin has been joking about the incident, and that …

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Social Media: the absolute lowest priority for small business


There is an undeniable truth to all business situations. This is typically referred to in project management, but true in all things you do. You are constrained by three factors: Time Money Quality These three factors are interdependent on each other in every business situation. If we have unlimited money, we can afford to put …

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This economy…

There are so many cliche phrases thrown around these days. The one that needs to die right now “this economy.” When a small business owner isn’t doing well, that’s usually the go-to excuse. “There aren’t enough customers coming in because the economy is so rough right now.” “People are dining out a lot less than …

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How much is your life worth?

Think about it. If you’re a small business owner, sole proprietor, or partner, your business represents a major part of your life. Marketing that business is most often the difference between it living on or dying. So you’re struggling along hoping things will pick up one day. Maybe you have even allowed some ad salesperson …

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The Top-20 brands on Facebook

Thanks to a story by Niall Harbison on, I saw something I’ve been telling so many people. The article lists the top 20 brands on Facebook, and at the top, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Disney, Oreo, and Red Bull. The top brands on Facebook have something in common. It’s not the approach to social media. It’s …

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